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Ancient Rescuer

“With no shoes I am ready. Shoes are part of my ordinary existence. They hamper and restrain me now. To go meet my rescuer I put my head up and let my instinct take over. Part of… I feel part of God’s world… Part of something bigger than my life or my autism. Its sense of power envelopes my soul and it communes with my core; and the Sarah you thought you knew is gone for now.
My nose fills of beginnings never before considered. My rescuer is ancient but forever renewing. My lifetime is but a speck of its witness. Roaring mightily, it absorbs my pain and traps my fear, freeing my spirit. I run to meet it but it retreats peacefully.
With its return I become even more certain I need to feel it about me like God’s arm. The huge but tender force knocks out autism’s faulty links to a world made for normal senses, and I find a peace like I have never before experienced. No noises echoing, lights and shadows dancing, or unwanted pokes. I am washed of this world’s pain as I sample the serenity of autism gone.
The ocean is a place where normality is tossed away and only spirit counts.”

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