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Ramps Over Fear

In 2006, Sarah and her autism were featured in an art exhibit entitled “Ramps Over Fear,” at Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University). On display were Sarah’s photographs, courtesy of Johnny Martyr, quotes from her writing collection, and illustrations from her first book, “Do-si-Do with Autism.” Seventeen years later, in an effort to re-digitize the negatives, […]

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Rain is a blessing

“A time I love are rainy days because we are cozy in our home. It beats on our windows to let us know it is here to spread hope in nourishing plants and people and other living things. Time to drink this gift from God. Pleased it rains for us to thrive. Rain is a […]

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You are mom. You are friend. You are pleasing. You wish me well. You help me. I am happier because of you. Love. Happiness. Partnership. You. Me. Together. ~by Sarah Share

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A Reader

“Mom and I love reading together. It gives us other lives and adventures. We travel to other interesting places. Really can be younger or older, wise or ignorant, and even animal or human. Pleased to be a reader.” ~Sarah Share

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