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Getting understanding

“To be autistic is a place where you live away from what is normal. You are inside a lot of confusion with loud voices and lights and shadows dancing. Smells are intense and your body does not respond to your directions. I plan things, but often I cannot carry out my plans. Pleased Mom and […]

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Bringing autism out

“Pleased to ride in our gold car to places my friends choose. Often it is to pick up great lunches. Fun and delicious. Being vaccinated means Mom and I are safe. Now friends and family are visiting. I am still hiding, but you can bring autism out sometimes. Please keep trying.”   ~Sarah Share

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A time to be safe from Covid

“The time to be safe from Covid is coming up for Mom and me. Pleased. I will like having my friends and family here. Pleased to not feel scared. They can place me in my gold car and in my booth and on our walking trail. Pleased if they come here. I will be ready.” […]

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Find my old Sarah self

“Wishing for the Pandemic to pass, I am still being careful. Mom and I are safe here in my condo. We love one another and our books and music. We are scared, but fine. Too shy. I am afraid now to go out. Will try, step by step, to find my old Sarah self. Mom […]

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Times of COVID

I really do love Mom, but miss my friends. But they will be here with me when we all get vaccinated and rid of COVID virus germs. I feel scared we might get the sickness so I stay in my own rooms. Mom gets lonely for me, so I sit with her sometimes, all together […]

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