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“I will never fully understand autism, regardless of how much I read and how much I want to know. But Sarah Stup has gotten me as close as I have ever come.”
Dr. Donald N. Cardinal
Dean, School of Education, Chapman University

“My little boy has autism and I find myself lost at times. It is very hard, but I try to understand the way he feels, and if he actually understands what I am saying to him. Thank you for writing what you know, feel and live with. It does help!”
Gary Hughes
Supervisor — Judicial Marshall Services, Connecticut

“Many a writer hopes for a ‘voice’ as clear as Sarah’s. Her words speak a deep truth, and we would do well to listen … listen, as she says, with our eyes, and also with our hearts.”
Sally R. Young, Ph.D.
Autism researcher and consultant

“Sarah’s work is part poetry, part autobiography and part how-to guide to supporting and understanding those with autism. She helps us see autism as sometimes impossible, sometimes beautiful, and always complex.”
Paula Kluth, Ph.D., author
You’re Going to Love This Kid! Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom

“I’ve been looking for something like this for my staff as part of their training to understand the perspective of individuals we help. What a gem!”
Janet Andrews, Director — Research Coordination Program
St. Mary’s Health Department

“Sarah’s writings illustrate frustrations that we people with autism feel. To recognize our problems is a giant step forward for all of us.”
Thomas Page, author
Caught Between Worlds: My Autistic Dilemma

“I want to thank you, Sarah, for opening my mother’s eyes, helping her cope with and understand my son’s autism. Thank you for touching her.”
Stephen Young

“Sarah Stup opens a window into a world most of us never experience. She is truly a writer to watch.”
Brian Cox, Executive Director
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council