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Do-si-Do Stageplay

stageplay-tempThe play Do-si-Do with Autism is based on the book Do-si-Do with Autism, which is a delightfully entertaining and thoughtful way to introduce children to the importance and joy of building meaningful relationships with those who have autism and other developmental
The story revolves around Taylor the Turtle with autism, who sheds light on what it is like to feel pain from the overwhelming movements and sounds around him. His feelings are especially pronounced on square dance day at school. Filled with dread, he retreats to the sidelines and finds solace in his beloved books. To his surprise, however, his classmates follow his lead and, in doing so, begin to focus less on their differences and more on all they have in common.

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5 great reasons for staging the Do-si-Do with Autism play

  • Entertain your community while raising awareness of autism and other developmental disabilities.
  • Perform it at your school, church, library, local bookstore or other special place.
  • Ask a theater group or school drama club to lend a helping hand.
  • Get media coverage for your organization.
  • Use the performance as a fund-raiser.

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With minor exceptions, no costumes are required. However, certain “touches” add to the production. For example: brightly colored skirts for the girls; tightly fitted clothes for Mr. Snout; dangling earrings for Miss Finn, etc. For guidance on these, refer to the illustrations in Sarah Stup’s book Do-si-Do with Autism.

• Taylor: knapsack with books and pencils
• Students: knapsacks and books
• Mr. Snout: tennis racket
• Chairs to serve as classroom chairs, bus seats and bleachers
• Optional: square dance music for Scene 2 (square dancing in Mr. Snout’s gym class)

1. Introduction
2. Outside/inside the yellow school bus
3. Mr. Snout’s gym
4. Miss Finn’s classroom
5. Outside/inside the yellow school bus
6. Conclusion

Any or all of the following can be distributed to audience members, either before or after the production. All are available on the Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship Kit CD.
• Program (lists cast members, etc.)
• “Make friends with someone with autism” poster
• Taylor the Turtle bookmarks
• Taylor the Turtle desk decoration
• Assorted activity sheets
• Writings by Sarah Stup (presented in “Step 7”)