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Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship KitDo-si-Do with Autism, by Sarah StupPaul and His Beast, by Sarah StupAre Your Eyes Listening? by Sarah StupNest Feathers and Heart and Spirit, by Sarah Stup

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FREE Common Core Standards-aligned Teacher’s Guides

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Paul and His Beast Teacher’s Guides

Teachers, are you looking for ways to foster inclusion & understanding in your classroom? Would you like to have before, during, and after reading lessons plans, as well as end of unit activities and projects to complement the book Paul and His Beast?

Download our Common Core Standards-aligned Teacher’s Guides for grade levels 4-6, full of fun and creative lesson plans and activities such as the ones below! Grade 4 | Grade 5 | Grade 6

Read Chapter 1 of Paul and his Beast!

Autism Friendship Kit Teacher’s Guides

Sarah hopes that teachers like you will use the Autism Friendship Kit CD/DVD set to promote understanding and friendship between children with and without autism and other disabilities.

The Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship Kit includes a wide variety of visually appealing materials and engaging learning activities that can be implemented with children from Pre-K through 4th grade, and in a variety of environments.

The Teacher’s Guide cites the location of each related learning activity in the Friendship Kit CD, lists related Common Core Standard(s) for that activity, and includes instruction and assessment considerations for lesson planning.

Kindergarten • First Grade • Second Grade

View the Table of Contents and learn about how to produce and perform the Stageplay!

Tour the Autism Friendship Kit with this short video:

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