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Are your eyes listening?

eyeslistening-contentA book of collected works by Sarah Stup

In this honest and heartfelt collection of writings, Sarah takes us inside her world so we can experience the very sights, sounds and feel of autism. Her vivid imagery and wrenching language reveals “the beast” but also the special gifts it imparts, gifts that make her the unique person she is.

This book is about more than autism, however. Ultimately, it is a book about life. From family to oceans, coffee to snowflakes, writing to love—Sarah shares her insights about each through her poems, reflections and essays. In doing so, she joins the company of other great writers.

Perfect bound, 108 pages.

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Are your eyes listening?

That’s what needs to happen to hear my writing voice. Because of autism, the thief of politeness and friendship, I have no sounding voice.

By typing words I can play with my life and stretch from my world to yours. I become a real person when my words try to reach out to you without my weird body scaring you away. Then I am alive. 

With writing I reach out to try, and autism or hate or walls of doubt can’t hold me. I am pleased to be typing away — typing away loneliness, typing away silence, using paper to hug you and slap you and join you.

Click, click, clicking keys are my heartbeat. Listen with your eyes.

Enjoy excerpts from the book in the following video