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Do-si-Do with Autism book


Do-si-Do with Autism is a delightfully entertaining and thoughtful book to introduce children to the importance and joy of building meaningful relationships with those who have autism and other developmental disabilities.

The story revolves around Taylor, the turtle with autism, who sheds light on what it is like to feel pain from the overwhelming movements and sounds around him. His feelings are especially pronounced on square dance day at school. Filled with dread, he retreats to the sidelines and finds solace in his beloved books. To his surprise, however, his classmates follow his lead and, in doing so, begin to focus less on their differences and more on all they have in common. With color illustrations by Matt Starchak and Libby Sanders.

This book was the inspiration for the Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship Kit, a CD/DVD set! It is included in the Kit in three different formats – DVD, audio, and PDF.

Preview pages 1-8 as a single or two-page spread!

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* Bookmarks
* Desk decoration
* Eight ways to make friends poster
* Holiday gift from Taylor








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