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Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship KitDo-si-Do with Autism, by Sarah StupPaul and His Beast, by Sarah StupAre Your Eyes Listening? by Sarah StupNest Feathers and Heart and Spirit, by Sarah Stup

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Inspirational Keepsake Collection

Filling the pages of the Keepsake Collection are Sarah’s poignant insights about love, family, spirit and life itself. Each Keepsake is both booklet and greeting card. Unlike typical cards that get tossed as soon as they are read, the beautifully designed Keepsakes can be read and reread year-round.

  • Send them like greeting cards to mark special occasions like holidays, birthdays, weddings, and Mother’s and Father’s Day, among others
  • Give them to valued board members, clients and co-workers
  • Make them a unique premium for your organization’s fundraising drive
  • Use them as a starting point for your book club or religious group
  • Let’s not forget the many ways you can use them to renew and celebrate your own life!

Nest Feathers: A celebration of family, home and memories shared

nest_feathers_coverSarah’s heart-warming look at family members and the experiences that shape who we are. Home, she says, is a place of plenty, one that never runs low on nest feathers. It is our one certainty in today’s uncertain times. (12 pp./size 5×7)

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Heart & Spirit: Words to comfort, inspire and share


Sarah’s reflections on the heart and spirit — our very essence. Life, she says, continues forever, into other deeper places. Her words take us there, allowing us to embrace the best in ourselves and each other. (12 pp./size 5×7)

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Enjoy these free downloadable prints!

Email to the special people in your life who are in need of comfort, understanding and inspiration, frame as you would a favorite photo, or use as a gentle reminder when you climb new stairs.

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