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Protecting ourselves

“With pleasing others, we people with autism try to stop our bodies from doing weird actions but with trying to stop, we feel very pained. Yes, we hate being rude, but that is not what is happening. We are actually protecting ourselves from a world that hopes to change us into normal people and then […]

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“Smells are too intense sometimes, but I really do smell a lot. Vote to wear smelly hand lotions and to be with flowers. I can know people by smells of their clothes and hair. Each is different. Rude to smell, but smell doesn’t follow me around or shine in my world.” ~Sarah Share

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Summer time

“Summer is here and I can be outside with flowers and birds. Drinking peace and fun and even tea. Walking and talking about vacations with sand and waves and crab cakes. Wearing shorts and reading good books in the backyard swing. Summer time.” ~Sarah Share

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Plate shy

“I am plate shy. When others are talking and chewing, I can’t eat my food. Waiting until they leave is what I need to do so that I can please autism’s need to feel peaceful. A time to eat is after mealtime. Then my plate is best.” ~Sarah Share

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Notebook Paper 1


Paper is a land of plenty. Plenty of lists            plenty to do or buy. Plenty of instructions            plenty to assemble or follow. Plenty of programs            plenty to witness or inspire. Plenty of advertisements            plenty to […]

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Places old

“With wishing for places old, autism can rest. A place familiar means peace for pacing thoughts and plaiting sensations that pulse through me. New places prick at my soul until l am in shreds and Beast protects me. Beast is a burly rescuer who bounces between me and your world. Pranks he plays drive you […]

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Sarah the typer with autism

“Really try to be like others, but I am Sarah the typer with autism. Autism stays and envelops me. Autism is who I am. Autism is ruling what I do because I need a rest. A rest from the battle that asks to last longer than my earthly life. A rest from noise. A rest […]

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More You: a birthday poem

More You: a birthday poemWith another birthdayComes more you–You have grownLearned new tricksAnd spun more silkYou have hidden more faultsPaid more duesAnd breathed more air.You have asked more questionsWished harderAnd held tighter.You have carved more pathsDropped more baggageAnd smelled more roses.With each passing year,You are moreTo me. ~Sarah Share

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