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My brain filters not

“To be with autism sometimes causes me to strike out at a world that does not fit me. It is loud and confusing, and demands a good brain wired to calmly act and react. Mine is wired to hear and see too well. It filters not. It does not protect. Others cannot imagine how their […]

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A walk among blossoms

Cindy and I walked miles to our lake and watched the wind’s ripples from our bench that gives us good rest. Trees blossomed and turned about proudly with their clusters of beauty. Pleased to visit them in their fine dresses. ~Sarah Share

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Spring joy

To walk and discover a hyacinth is a spring joy. Its fragrant clusters of purple bells alert us of beauty that is bold and heavy to look upon. With a bulb for a home place to hide in winter, it bursts forth to bring us a promise of more blooms throughout God’s next season. Hyacinths […]

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Spring daffodils

Good to find spring daffodils bouncing in a whole joyful gang and whispering that winter has passed. They welcome us to new beginnings quietly growing, yet strong. I ask God to remember my Dad who loved them. Pleased to find them at my condo. ~Sarah Share

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“To be autistic is not a bad thing, but you are misunderstood. People say that you need to behave normally, but your world is not normal. It is confusing and lots scary. That is why we act weird and why we are misunderstood. Try to understand.” ~Sarah Share

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Getting understanding

“To be autistic is a place where you live away from what is normal. You are inside a lot of confusion with loud voices and lights and shadows dancing. Smells are intense and your body does not respond to your directions. I plan things, but often I cannot carry out my plans. Pleased Mom and […]

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