Beach trip!

Pleased to be traveling to the beach for worship and great fun. With land’s end comes a time to rest and renew. Often I think of my Dad there because he took us and was happy there to be a family that loved one another and appreciated God’s handiwork. My heart bursts with the majesty […]

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Another Ask Sarah!

Q: What influences your work? A: “I hope to make schools a better place for students with autism and other developmental disabilities. They are real people worth knowing whose bodies simply work differently. They can be good friends and citizens. But when I attended school, I often felt sad to be misunderstood because of the […]

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Ask Sarah!

MUST READ for teachers, aides & peers. Q: What was the most difficult part of going to school? A: “Wished to hope for a cure, but autism stayed. When I tried to stop my weird ways, others were happy, but I was in pain. Autism is not a choice. I can’t breathe posing as normal. […]

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Guest Post

I’m Rachel, Sarah’s residential and job coach… I prefer the term friend, though! I’ve been with Sarah for almost 4 years as a job coach (assisting Sarah with her publishing/ blogging/ social media/ other behind the scenes stuff), and then 3 years as a residential coach (work in the home on life skills, getting out […]

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