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Pea soup Mmmm!

The day shone brightly on our Fall walk while delicious pea soup simmered at home, stirred by Mom. Cindy and I put in all the ingredients for a great hot lunch. We do love cooking and serving and planning more fun menus. Wishing for apple dumplings next. Cindy’s Pea Soup Recipe 1 cup chopped onion […]

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Muffin making

Yesterday Cindy, my friend and coach, tried to bake muffins with me. I wished to taste them with creamy butter to go with my lunch salad. Too hard for me, but Cindy did not give up. –Even when I needed to dip my eating spoon into the gooey mix. –Even when my fingers tried to […]

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Tail service

With me and backing me up is my splendid tail, A balance keeper as I lope through trees. With me and backing me up is my lofty tail, A rudder to change directions as I leap with grace and daring. With me and backing me up is my magnificent tail, A parachute to slow my […]

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Walking & rocks

When walking this morning, Sarah and her coach Cindy found this rock with a special message and then relocated it, which is the custom in her home town. “I am pleased to be a distance walker. My friend Cindy takes me further each day. She tracks our steps and distance to measure our progress. Each […]

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Autism echoes

Noises pain my ears and keep echoing. Voices bunch together sometimes. Ears hear too much. Ears know no peace. Places scream to me. After I leave, the echo tags along with me. I hear too well. Sounds pay me visits after I leave them. I wish to stop their visits, but they come uninvited. ~Sarah

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