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Walking & rocks

When walking this morning, Sarah and her coach Cindy found this rock with a special message and then relocated it, which is the custom in her home town. “I am pleased to be a distance walker. My friend Cindy takes me further each day. She tracks our steps and distance to measure our progress. Each […]

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Autism echoes

Noises pain my ears and keep echoing. Voices bunch together sometimes. Ears hear too much. Ears know no peace. Places scream to me. After I leave, the echo tags along with me. I hear too well. Sounds pay me visits after I leave them. I wish to stop their visits, but they come uninvited. ~Sarah

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Mother’s Day poem

Written by me as a preteen…. Worthy of a plain and simple bouquet of dandelions squeezed by a little fist Worthy of listening to the sounds of a hesitant and untrained music maker Worthy of admiring a painting rating display at Frigidaire Gallery Worthy of God’s blessings and children’s love ~Sarah

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Autism: Can we show respect?

Really do wish to ask everyone to accept autism. It won’t go away when you stare or complain. Nothing can erase it, even when we autists try posing as normal. Inside, we still experience the world differently. Please do not ask us to be you. We suffer to try. Please learn to live with autism. […]

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