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“A time I like is when Hope hangs around, pulling me up from sadness. Hope is still my favorite word. Pleased to own my favorite word and to write with it as I journal. It taps and clicks, typing out plans for a future that people never dreamed possible for a person like me who […]

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My music

“My music helps me get a rhythm that saves me from feeling powerless. It quiets my tense soul. It finds a way into the locked person I must be if I am to survive autism’s confusion. Pleased to have it always available. My life jacket. Pleased to play it throughout my home.” ~Sarah Share

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Our season of self-discovery

Winter brings quiet, cozy times that fire our spirits and free our ideas. Winter pushes a rest that gives birth to renewal. Winter plans ways to laugh at our hardships. Just when we’re most exposed, he exposes us to even more harsh treatment. Our spirit is dampened, but suddenly soars with pride of greater strength. […]

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