To be autistic is going better now that I am just home working. Pleased to have a peaceful place to think and read and listen. My friends feel welcome here and I am not transferred to other places where I feel confused and trapped. When Rachel and Mom take me out I can manage my […]

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Pleased to shine on a world that sometimes turns dark toward people with differences. We must all shine with our welcoming hearts. Peace and acceptance must win the race with fear. God has spoken out for brother and sisterhood. Shine!

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Pleased to watch an old movie that was the story “Homecoming.” We read it years and years ago and liked how it was written by Cynthia Voigt. I hope to become a good writer like her. Pleased to relive the story of making a home that gives peace and strength. Peace is important.

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Hoping for the beach

Pleased to be hoping. A hope I have is to go to the beach. I’d like my good friends to take us there. We pack our gold car and drive over the Chesapeake Bay. Then we eat our lunch and keep driving east to the coast. Sometimes we walk on boards and buy fries and […]

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book club

Aunt Shirley and book club

Pleased Aunt Shirley will visit with good fresh farm eggs and fun stories. We often exchange books to read with her and tell reasons we recommend them. I often join them, but sometimes I play my music instead. Pleased she will come today.

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autism sunday

Autism Sunday Prayer

Today is Autism Sunday, also known as the International Day of Prayer for Autism & Asperger syndrome. Join Sarah in celebrating by reading & sharing this prayer she has written for those with autism. O God, Lead and inspire your people to open their hearts and minds to autism and other disabilities. We are real […]

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Girl listening with her hand on an ear

The Autism Place

The autism place is like a whisper of voices at a peaceful place. Riding with peace never happens when autism is there. Quiet is not known to autists like me. My autism protects me when your world is too much for me. Noises pain my ears and keep echoing. Voices bunch together sometimes. Ears hear […]

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Bully Free Zone

We’re excited to be putting together an Anti-Bullying Packet in honor of upcoming Autism Awareness Month! In the meantime, here is a glimpse into Sarah’s thoughts about bullying. “Find your own power. Don’t take away the power of others. Don’t bully! Do power up on deeds that help others. Use your power by making the […]

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Winter Days

Really do love winter days when Mom and I tease and have fun. With typing and reading and pizza comes laughing. Then I fix hot tea and read the newspaper. Soon we plan to build a blueberry and walnut salad. Music is the next request. Vote for a bit of snow. I do love the […]

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Pleased to be finding friends I can have fun with. Yesterday we three girls drove around and shopped laughing together. I love outings. Dad used to take us, and now Rachel does. Fun! Pleased to go with her and Mom in our gold car.

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