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BLOG SERIES Part 1: Creating an Inclusive Church Environment for People with Disabilities

A Facebook friend posed some thought-provoking questions to Sarah about her church experiences: “Did you attend church services as a child, and if so, what was that like for you? Do you currently attend? How can church be more autism-friendly?” Her inquiry raises a great question for many of us who are touched by disability […]

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A perky day

Today is a warm day in Winter when Mom and I feel perky. There’s a promise of Spring in the air that sparks our outlook and fuels us to act on our good feelings. I am ready for new! New life springing from the soil in our backyard. New walking paths. New fresh foods. New […]

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“A time I like is when Hope hangs around, pulling me up from sadness. Hope is still my favorite word. Pleased to own my favorite word and to write with it as I journal. It taps and clicks, typing out plans for a future that people never dreamed possible for a person like me who […]

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My music

“My music helps me get a rhythm that saves me from feeling powerless. It quiets my tense soul. It finds a way into the locked person I must be if I am to survive autism’s confusion. Pleased to have it always available. My life jacket. Pleased to play it throughout my home.” ~Sarah Share

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