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To be in a family is to be happier and safer and never lonely. I am thankful for a family to both own and be owned by. Pride swells from the whole group when someone has succeeded or when they are happy about something. Sad times are shared to make the tears turn to hearts. […]

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Interview with Dr. Aja McKee of Thompson Policy Institute on Disability & Autism

Meet Sarah Stup: Author with autism who has much to say about inclusionNon-Speaking and Autistic, Sarah shares her thoughts on her educational journey November 2, 2017 To learn more about education and inclusion, we asked Sarah Stup to tell us about her educational experiences growing up. Sarah is a critically acclaimed author, and well-known blogger. […]

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To read great books

“To read books brings great adventures of being and doing and thinking. I can do a great deal of things autism prevents through reading. Finding a speaking voice, being polite with a body that listens, and going different places are all possible with joining book characters. Today I can run a ranch house and be […]

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Ask Sarah: Not fully present?

Question: When those with autism gaze at a wall, lights, their fingers, etc., they do not seem fully present with their surroundings. It seems pleasurable to them. Do you have this experience? If so, can you explain to me what it’s like for you? Answer from Sarah: To leave your world of tilting, dancing shadows […]

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“Nest Feathers”

The other half of Sarah’s Keepsake Collection is “Nest Feathers,” a celebration of family, home and memories shared, as expressed by Sarah. There are so many ways to use this beautiful booklet: send like a greeting card to mark special occasions, give as a gift, or use as a starting point for a book club […]

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