To find a time for journaling is a special bonus. Doing a journal is a peaceful time when I type whatever I wish. Often I speak about autism and how it pains me. Other times I tell about my family. Fabulous good times at holidays are memories I keep on good places to read later. […]

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Are your eyes listening?

Are your eyes listening? That’s what needs to happen to hear my writing voice. Because of autism, the thief of politeness and friendship, I have no sounding voice. By typing words I can play with my life and stretch from my world to yours. I become a real person when my words try to reach […]

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Windy and cold day

Today is windy and cold, so Mom and I are cozy inside. We are cooking and reading as the wind howls and curls around our house. Ignoring the whining and blustery pest, we keep concentrating on our activities. When Rachel comes tomorrow, the wind will blow us all the way to Starbucks! Going there suits […]

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Before my typing voice

Before I found my typing voice, sadness was my best friend, and I was peaceful because I had no power. Today I am happier and less lonely. Gone is the peace because now I have opinions and wishes. No more icy wishes, but fiery, dancing dreams that could come true.

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