Paper: The holder of who I am

I use paper to do my writing but have no voice for friends. Paper traps words but voices disappear. Writing is powerful but speaking is personal. Playful, teasing, and loving words are spoken with good friends, but paper words seem stiff. But I love to type since my voice is broken and acts at autism’s […]

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A young Sarah, age 10

Growing with Autism

Hoping to be free from disability has been my greatest wish. A naughty beast called autism lives inside protecting me from seeing and hearing too much. Even though I hoped to get rid of autism, I knew I needed the beast to shield me from a world that pains and confuses me. “Please cure me, […]

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If I could speak…

Speaking is who you are in the world around you. It reveals you to others. It tells them what you know, what you need, what you have to give, and what you love. Speaking turns you inside out. My not normal wishes are for things like having a sounding voice that bursts forth quickly when […]

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Autism word background with colored puzzle pieces to illustrate hope and research for a cure for the neural disorder, disease or syndrome

Finding peace with autism

As a small child I fried and broke apart on a slippery griddle called autism. My parents reached out with love’s bare hands, burning themselves. Sister, too, reached out to take my hand, but only my heart followed and she played alone. As a student I hugged facts while a gate called autism protected me […]

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harsh winter


Winter brings quiet, cozy times that fire our spirits and free our ideas. Winter pushes a rest that gives birth to renewal. Winter plans ways to laugh at our hardships. Just when we’re most exposed, he exposes us to even more harsh treatment. Our spirit is dampened, but suddenly soars with pride of greater strength. […]

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Hope’s Ingredients excerpt

Excerpt from “Hope’s Ingredients,” a free training tool for transitioning students. A time of silent wishing was when I tried to speak with my voice but it played another tune. I tried to tell it what to say and tried to tell my body what to do, but hope’s old enemy, despair, cried out in […]

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Rainy day

Pleased to go in our car for errands and lunch. Rain and clouds could not stop us because we were determined and put our hoods over our heads and galloped to our waiting car. Rachel drives us and we look all around, enjoying the patterns the droplets make on the glass that protects us.  

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Having hope

To have hope is to be rich since people can use hope when they need help going through life’s stop signs. We people with bodies that work differently but who are real inside vote to have our dreams and wishes move. To do work toward our dreams we and the people who help us need […]

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Time: a poem

Going really fast is time. It stops for no one. Pulling us through our lives by our own hair or our waists or even just one toe, it keeps moving and will not let go. Cry, giggle, sleep, or daydream, but it is steady with its ticking. What to do? The time will not wait […]

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