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COVID scare

Too long is this Covid scare, but Mom and I are careful. With it comes fear that people I love will die. My autism reacts to that, so I am trying to rest in small places. I am also sleeping a lot. But vaccines will rescue us. ~Sarah Share

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A new year together

We begin a new year together, a year of hope. Hope for cures and vaccines and for civility. A new chance to right wrongs. New ways to cool the earth and to heat our hearts to understand and to accept. A new year to protect our country and to reach out in friendship. Each day […]

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Messages of hope and understanding

“Really do love playing with words to reach out past my autism and let you know I am a real, true person inside a body that is broken and lonely. I need to be alone to find peace, but still love people. People bring noise and expect what I cannot do, placing me as weird […]

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Swirling voices and smells

“To be autistic feels crazy with swirling voices and smells and surroundings. They all mix and flow and zig zag. I try to fight it off and it stays. I act strangely, and people try to tame me, but it stays. Just allow the weirdness. I cannot be normal because the confusion stays. I am […]

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Coronavirus worries

I do worry that Mom and I might get sick with the corona virus and die. Many in our world are suffering. And I feel very scared. Dad would protect us, but he is with God, not us. We are alone. I might be without Mom. Try to stay together. ~Sarah Share

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Accept autism to help me

A time I love is typing my Journal when I have power to plan a day or a big change. Often, change scares my autism because I can find peace with sameness. But Mom and my friends have built a real and true trust that grew when they considered autism and did not try to […]

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St. Francis approves

Today will vote to be very hot. I plan to read a lot with Mom in my air conditioned condo. Yesterday, Cindy and Mom gave our little sun room a botanical look. St. Francis of Assisi who loves God’s flowers guards it. To look at these fleurs by Millot gives me pleasure. ~Sarah Share

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A sock

With my autism comes weird actions you might feel puzzled about. An example is my socks. They are stretched many times to feel tight against my toes which calms me. After a while, they become long enough for even more relief. Next I stretch them out above my toes and then fold them toward my […]

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Hand washing with my autism

Each time I hold my hands under running water, quick waves of the water tumble and are not trusted by me. I try to stay away from it by keeping my hands busy with autism actions. Waiting in this way helps me get ready for the washing that brings fright. A soapy massage helps deaden […]

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