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Ask Sarah! Autism: How can we help?

Dear Sarah,
When you are feeling uncomfortable because of your autism, how can others help you?

From Sarah:
I feel sad not to be a calm, peaceful person acting nicely when I am feeling too jumpy with autism. Please try to not be angry with me because I cannot stop at will. Autism has me in its grip of fear and confusion, not you or something others did. I try to keep these unsettled feelings away from others by keeping to myself and pacing about. But people often feel like I am against them, so then are hurt.

Try not to feel hurt, because I am not in control and wish not to ask others to change.

I need both understanding and no touching. Music also helps me. And quiet. No voices, please. No trying to make me smile. I can’t act friendly then, or even try to make people feel better. I love my family and friends, but cannot show it or even pay much attention to them when I feel uncomfortable with autism.

Please just wait for time to pass to release me back to peace. I am fine then and can be who I really am—your friend and follower of God.

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