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My condo

July 10, 2019 Dear Mom and friends, My condo is hoping you will visit. It is with red and blue and suits me nicely. I do love it, but will miss my old home with memories that follow me forever. This is a good home that Dad placed us in, but the condo suits our […]

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More journal entries about The Big Move!

“Really ask to try shopping for my sunroom. With a settee, my Mom and friends and I can read and music listen in the sun that reaches through big windows. To have a sunroom is a great idea. We will find wicker furniture, like my Grandmother’s.” (3/4/19) “We are planning our condo, but still live […]

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Condo journal entries

“Quit saying no to a condo because I am going to the future with a hope of a home of my very own. With help, Sarah will be a real condo owner, not a dependent. A hope to save my money. A hope to have friends and family visit me. Being more adult. A real […]

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The Move

Sarah has been busy over the last 8+ months with a move! She and her mom have relocated to a condo. It involved downsizing, remodeling, packing, orchestrating, decorating, donating, lots of moving, and it was quite the endeavor! It was amazing witnessing Sarah’s strength and positive attitude during the move from her home of the […]

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Autism, go away

Really do just hope my autism will go away. It does find ways to hold me in its grip of rudeness, and it distances me from being who I am. I must retreat from a normal world to have a bit of peace. Please respect my shell that is a needed shield of protection. Please […]

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Protecting ourselves

“With pleasing others, we people with autism try to stop our bodies from doing weird actions but with trying to stop, we feel very pained. Yes, we hate being rude, but that is not what is happening. We are actually protecting ourselves from a world that hopes to change us into normal people and then […]

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