My Music

My music helps me get a rhythm that saves me from feeling powerless. It quiets my tense soul. It finds a way into the locked person I must be, if I am to survive autism’s confusion. Pleased to have it always available. My life jacket. Pleased to play it throughout my home. ~Sarah

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Easter thoughts

With Easter comes fun and worship. A time a really huge event took place in which Jesus rose tells us we can be saved by God’s mercy and grace. Heaven awaits those who accept him into their hearts. I speak best with my heart that has a direct line to God. With my heart I […]

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Golden Egg

Top on my list of loves is Mom and Dad. I am their child no matter how much time passes. I am their child whether or not I please them. They are completely vested in me, and I will never be anyone else’s golden egg. ~Sarah

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Purple heart and hearth

With peaceful play we made with lilac bushes a home away from adult eyes where we cooked and swept and planned. When pans were donated, a kitchen appeared. When watermelon grew in the adjoining garden, a picnic area appeared. Lilac encased dreams. A place where futures were held in an incubator. Purple heart and hearth. […]

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Best Autism Blog Winner!

Congratulations to Sarah for making the Art of Autism’s 2017 list of Best Autism Blogs! Thanks to YOU, her friends, she had the most votes in the category of Female Bloggers, but more importantly, her words will be reaching thousands more by being listed as a resource on this site! http://the-art-of-autism.com/best-on-the-web-autism-blogs/

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A big pain in the ear

Please lower your voices where autism lurks. Stop! Stop! You’re causing me great pain. In fact, you’re a big pain in the ear. People’s voices stab my ears and confuse me. When noises hit me, I am in agony, and the echoes stay with me after you are gone. Speaking softly and singly will help […]

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Autism Awareness

Really do wish to ask everyone to accept autism. It won’t go away when you stare or complain. Nothing can erase it, even when we autists try posing as normal. Inside, we still experience the world differently. Please do not ask us to be you. We suffer to try. Please learn to live with autism. […]

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