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Mother’s Day poem

Written by me as a preteen…. Worthy of a plain and simple bouquet of dandelions squeezed by a little fist Worthy of listening to the sounds of a hesitant and untrained music maker Worthy of admiring a painting rating display at Frigidaire Gallery Worthy of God’s blessings and children’s love ~Sarah

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Autism: Can we show respect?

Really do wish to ask everyone to accept autism. It won’t go away when you stare or complain. Nothing can erase it, even when we autists try posing as normal. Inside, we still experience the world differently. Please do not ask us to be you. We suffer to try. Please learn to live with autism. […]

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Spring evenings

“Evenings stretch out, lit by the sun now that Spring is here. Our shutters stay open longer to enjoy the light. We stay downstairs longer to read and music listen. Soon we’ll take neighborhood walks to feel one with God and nature.” ~Sarah  (Photo via Pinterest)

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BLOG SERIES Part 1: Creating an Inclusive Church Environment for People with Disabilities

A Facebook friend posed some thought-provoking questions to Sarah about her church experiences: “Did you attend church services as a child, and if so, what was that like for you? Do you currently attend? How can church be more autism-friendly?” Her inquiry raises a great question for many of us who are touched by disability […]

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