Autism’s inside world

Pleasing you is important. We want to be with you, but your ways are not our ways. Your world is not the same for us. We must create another bearable world inside your world that allows us to breathe—an inside world that protects us from pain of exposure. With this inside world comes peace, but […]

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Going to school with autism

Excerpt of a note from Sarah’s mother, found in The Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship Kit: ” . . . a teacher invited me to talk with Sarah’s classroom on the first day of school before Sarah entered. The students seemed to enjoy hearing about our family and Sarah’s favorite activities. And after I explained unusual […]

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For teachers and parents

Teachers and parents, please consider this: Schools try to have students with autism pose as normal, which is painful for us. Please allow us to be who we are. We experience the world differently, and therefore we sometimes react in strange ways that are necessary to protect ourselves from your confusing world. ~Sarah

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