Autism’s moving sidewalks

I was pleased to eat in a restaurant yesterday, but I did feel dizzy from the sidewalk moving about when we walked downtown after. Mom and Rachel found me a place to rest before we found our car. Autism is a dizzy ride on an unsteady road. How can I stop the movement? Please help […]

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Thanks to Maryland DORS

I am thankful for the Department of Rehabilitation Services’ help that gave me a voice that marches out to let others know we people with disabilities can be good friends and citizens. Mr. Roy [DORS Counselor in Frederick, MD, Stephen Roy] was my really great advocate who helped and believed in my mission. MARYLAND DORS’ FACEBOOK POST […]

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A time to birth my day Is Mom dancing to my bed with hugs and silly songs She shines on me. A time to birth my cleanliness Is Mom drawing water and fluffing towels with stories about a day we’ll love She intrigues me. A time to birth my curiosity Is Mom finding books and […]

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