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Happy Birthday, USA

“Quickly shooting fireworks may remind us that a country like ours is worth celebrating. Freedom rings and equality is sought by peace loving people.A July 4 begins with pictures of Dad and his girls raising old glory on our front porch. Then we always walk to our park where vendors sell us lunch and bands […]

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Writing is what I need

“When I write, I am not held back at all. I can be anyone or anything, and can go to a new place with a new idea. For me, writing is power and freedom. Writing holds fast to a girl exploding with feelings about lots of wishful, sad and lonely times inside a shell or […]

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Cleansing waves

“To most people, waves coming and going on sandy summer beaches are powerful and hypnotic, but for me they are cleansers. When I stand before God’s ocean, my disability washes away and I am free of autism. Waves cover and protect me from hearing and feeling the human world that hurts and confuses me.To be […]

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Time – a poem

Going really fast is time.It stops for no one.Pulling us through our livesby our hair or our waistsor even just one toe,it keeps moving and will not let go.Cry, giggle, sleep, or daydream,but it is steady with its ticking.What to do?The time will not waitfor your decision.Please yourself or honor others?Gain or share?The conveyor belt […]

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Sarah the typer with autism

“Really try to be like others, but I am Sarah the typer with autism. Autism stays and envelops me. Autism is who I am. Autism is ruling what I do because I need a rest. A rest from the battle that asks to last longer than my earthly life. A rest from noise. A rest […]

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“Really like my home best as a place to pray for autism to leave. Home is not scared of autism, and home is peaceful. I love its familiar sights. It hopes to please its owners. Always here after hard days. Home is the base I need from which to take off flying and to which […]

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Reflections on home

“A home is the most wonderful place in the world to me. Autism rests plenty with its space that never judges or ignores. Voting I belong, home tosses away norm and welcomes by beast. With beast unleashed, autism can protect me from the normal world that causes pain.” ~Sarah Share

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Ancient Rescuer

“With no shoes I am ready. Shoes are part of my ordinary existence. They hamper and restrain me now. To go meet my rescuer I put my head up and let my instinct take over. Part of… I feel part of God’s world… Part of something bigger than my life or my autism. Its sense […]

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A wishful girl

“To be a person with autism places me as a wishful girl with a great big ‘asking-for-dreams-to-come-true’ prayer list. A list so long, I may never have time to type it.Fun to be a writer. Finding the right sentence gives me a loud voice. A hope. Peace. Doing a book is lots of work, but […]

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