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New downloadable quotes!

New quotes added to Sarah’s gallery! Download for free at: This is one of our favorites because it conveys precisely what Sarah has always said… those with autism do understand.  

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Shoes with Sarah

Shoes with Sarah Autism likes traveling about in old, familiar shoes. No new fitting ones to break in. No new colors to dazzle our eyes. No new styles around which we must find visual pathways. No wishing for unfamiliar things to crowd our existence. With new shoes I cannot see, hear, or feel as well. […]

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All New Ask Sarah!

IS 11 TOO OLD FOR AN AUTISTIC CHILD TO SWING? Question: Hi Sarah, I am an occupational therapist and I have a question for you. I work with an 11 year old with autism who has limited language. She finds swinging on a swing very calming and organizing for her brain. She will request to […]

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Blamed! For autism!

Sad to be really doing bad things that disappoint my family and friends. When I am wanting something, my body goes wild and doesn’t listen to my instructions. I am blamed, and then I feel angry about my autism. Will I ever get credit for being the polite person I truly am? ~Sarah

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