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Sarah Stup testifies before MD legislature

“Sarah Stup testifies before Maryland legislature for community service funding for individuals with disabilities”

The Link
March/April 2004
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The Arc of Frederick County
Contact: Aaron Notarianni Stephens
(301) 663-0909

Working Together Self-advocacy Group and The Arc of Frederick County Legislative Committee have partnered to chart out a path to send message to our representatives in Annapolis. The groups have initiated a letter-writing campaign. Each week a photograph, along with a personal story written by individuals and families about the importance of community supports, will be mailed to the offices of our representatives, including the Governor. The campaign began the second week of January and will run through April, when the current legislative session is adjourned.

The intent of the campaign is to continue to educate our lawmakers on legislative decisions that will impact the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families. It is our hope that the personal testimonies will demonstrate the accomplishments that can be made when support is provided in the community.

As members of Working Together continue to map out ways of making an impact in Annapolis, the group recently supported Sarah Stup, Working Together member and Creative Writing Intern, to travel to Annapolis to give testimony opposing House Bill #475. The bill would promote the use of institutional respite services for people with medical needs as opposed to providing funding in the community for the service.

“Hiding us in institutions will prevent you from knowing us and learning we are worth lots to our families, friends, and others we choose to be with. When you round us up to hide us away from our neighborhoods, you are thinking we are not true people,” Sarah testified to a packed conference room filled with delegates and concerned citizens from around the state.

Working Together will continue its efforts in March as members travel to Annapolis to meet personally with each of our representatives. For more information on how to get involved with the letter-writing campaign, please contact Aaron Notarianni Stephens at (301) 663-0909.