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More journal entries about The Big Move!

“Really ask to try shopping for my sunroom. With a settee, my Mom and friends and I can read and music listen in the sun that reaches through big windows. To have a sunroom is a great idea. We will find wicker furniture, like my Grandmother’s.” (3/4/19)

“We are planning our condo, but still live here at our own home that is sad to lose us. I am shopping with my friends for art and shelves and chairs. To have a pretty place, much shopping is necessary. Time is getting nearer. I am sad to leave my old cozy home. But our future beckons. I will meet it. Mom will be with me, and my friends too.” (3/23/19)

“Pleased to visit my new condo often. Mom and my friends drive me there to see how the renovation looks and we all like what Mr. Barrick has made with tools and ideas. Mom will live with me, but it is my own.” (7/4/19)

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