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Happy, hopeful journal entries about The Move!

“Too shy to brag about my condo, but I am happy here. Mom is also. Really love its sunny windows. A time I like is when we have Icee drinks. Sad to leave our old home, but Dad knows we remember it well.” (8/11/19)

“Fought to find the best condo for a long time, and now we are actually here. I do love it and have all that autism needs. My family and friends have found me here. With walking, Cindy actually located a trail to the lake that has a resting bench. With rest, we drink water and talk. Yes, autism can rest nicely at our new home.” (8/25/19)

“Found quick ways to move into our condo with help from Rachel. She finds ways to deliver and ways to stack. Mom says we would not be here without Rachel’s good help and plans. Quit saving old, useless things. We go into the future free and with our friends.” (8/27/19)

“A time I love is sitting on my porch with Mom and nice weather. Dad would have liked to be with us.” (9/2/19)

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