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Sarah’s journal entries on “The Big Move”

“I visited a condo today. It was fine with a good place for a booth. The bedroom will have two single beds. We are sad to leave our own home, but no steps is important and Mom wants me to own my own home now that I am older. Yes. This one suits me nicely. I will buy it.” (12/2/18)

“Today Mom cleaned attic storage items. She will keep picking away the piles until they are gone. I do like old things, but we must downsize to fit into my new condo. We will move slowly because my autism does not like new places. I am glad Mom and my friends will take care with my autism. Really do think I will be fine. (12/29/18)

Today is the new year. I do really look toward it with some fear since we will move from our dear home. But I am older now and need to own my own condo. Mom will live with me, so we will be together and do fine. Our family and friends will find us. Yes, I am scared, but also happy. Hope I like it.” (1/1/19)

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