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Ask Sarah: Autism and avoiding eye contact!

Although you’re more comfortable avoiding eye contact, on those occasions when you do make eye contact, how should I respond? Should I avert my gaze?
– Wendy

I do like meeting and talking with typing to people, but not looking at their faces. When I look, light and shadows spin and cause me to feel dizzy. Please do not ask for my eye contact. Sometimes I do give it because I am feeling a time that may allow it. Then I do look briefly. When you see my eyes on your face, just relax and meet my gaze if you wish.
To look at me with eyes that understand and accept is a good act, but often I receive stares that reveal fear of my strange actions or disgust with impolite acts I cannot often control. Eyes that show friendship are welcome, but eyes that cast hate do hurt and cause me to have even less control.
Wish to connect, but often cannot.
– Sarah

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