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Holiday gift for autism understanding

Consider my book, “Paul and His Beast,” excerpted below. ~Sarah


Autism: Viewing life through a glass window
Paul always felt in some way separated from Sam—like he viewed his brother’s life through a glass window. Paul watched his family playing and working and helping him. He loved them, and the shield of glass he imagined separating him from their world made him more comfortable. But sometimes, when he could, he would fling the window open.
At those times, he could feel his real emotions on his face. He could focus. He could meet the eyes of his mother and father and brother. Whenever this happened, Paul could feel his mother’s heart open. He could see a brother who could be a friend. His dad would suddenly smile, the way he did at Sam. But then their eyes would stare too hard, their voices would echo, and he would close the “window.” He had to.
Plenty of times his family knocked on the window; occasionally they banged against it, desperate to reach Paul. But Paul needed complete control of the window. And maybe they sensed that because, usually, they didn’t push. They let Paul come to them.

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