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Ask Sarah: How much of your new book is taken from your own life?

Your new book, “Paul and His Beast,” is an excellent read and opened my eyes to the feelings of people with autism. I especially found the section where those around Paul tried to help when his beast took over but, unknowingly, made it harder for him. As a relative who has known you my whole life, I recognize some of your struggles and experiences in the character Paul, but I’d like to know how many of them are from your life and how many were from the lives of other people you know?
Keep up the writing!
Your cousin,

From Sarah:
Both Paul and Tim have things they experience in common with me. I love violin music and I was a “runner” when young. I transferred from a special to a regular school. I am still a freak show who receives stares. I am plate shy and love the beach. I do not keep track of streets or have ever been a school bus rider. I am female and have a sister. I always worried that I would be asked to leave school.

Paul and Tim are not me, but I definitely have a love-hate relationship with my Beast. My Beast does roar when I try to be polite by subduing him. I hope my characters will bring understanding to readers.

Thank you for asking, Kevin.



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