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Disability awareness for the upcoming school year!

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Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship Kit

Learn about and make friends with children with autism

This ground-breaking CD/DVD Kit, based on the book Do-si-Do with Autism, is specially designed to help children without autism understand, accept and celebrate their peers with autism. With the Do-si-Do with Autism book available in three formats, and a stageplay for your performers, at the heart of the Kit is the Disability Awareness Tool Kit with ready-to-go presentation materials such as lesson plans, disability awareness activities, and fun worksheets for children. The Kit is perfect for use by parents, school staff, advocacy organizations and teens — anyone looking to build accepting, inclusive communities. Use it for one neighbor child or as a whole unit at school. Take a quick look inside!  

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Autism’s inside world

Pleasing you is important. We want to be with you, but your ways are not our ways. Your world is not the same for us. We must create another bearable world inside your world that allows us to breathe—an inside world that protects us from pain of exposure. With this inside world comes peace, but sad and lonely times too.

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Ask Sarah: Can you help me better understand my non-verbal daughter?

AskSarahImageHello Sarah,
I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter with autism who is non-verbal so far. I have some questions that might help me understand her better. How does it feel when you try to put words together but it’s not happening? As a child, did it make you sad or frustrated not to be able to speak? Do you miss being able to talk? Did you feel untolerated around other kids?

Answer from Sarah:
It feels pleasing to know your family estimates you are smart even though [with autism], our bodies will not always work with our brains. If your family can find you inside a body that will not listen to you, it is a blessing. Then peace comes and loneliness slips away.

Please treat your little girl as though she understands. I felt lonely and not happy when people acted like I was a shell with no inhabitant. Tell her you can see her inside a body that betrays her. She needs her Dad to know she is a real child with a whole spirit and mind. Ask her to be patient until there is a way for her to speak, even if it is not with a sounding voice.

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