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Really feel very helpless about myself lately. I am tense and jumpy and cannot follow rules or be polite. Mom is tired from it and so am I, but each day brings more. I am needing a miracle to bring me peace with autism. Too really mean feeling! Autism is awful sometimes. I am needing to find a cure to have real peace. I go to God each time I pray, but no answer yet.  ~Sarah

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"Ask Sarah" is one of the most popular topics on Sarah's blog. Do you have a question for Sarah about your family member with autism or student with a disability? Have you wondered what is going on inside their minds or the reasoning behind certain behaviors? Perhaps Sarah can shed some light on the inner workings of a person with autism. Sarah is non-verbal and offers a unique perspective on autism. Please click here to message Sarah directly with your question!

Pleased to report from the inside world of autism. Thank you for visiting me here. -Sarah

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