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Thanksgiving gift giving

Today we would like to feature Sarah's Keepsake Collection. Comprised of "Heart and Spirit" and "Nest Feathers," these beautiful booklets can be used as a hostess gift, thank you card, or holiday gift this Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒπŸ΄



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Morning walks in autumn

Really do love my morning walks. Pleased the leaves are falling, with autumn bursting forth warning us to work harder and think ahead as we finish out the season. Prepare. Be wise. Stock up. On food for your body and especially for your soul. Hard times will come. Be ready. Pleased to get the signal an autumn day sends.πŸπŸ‚


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"Ask Sarah" is one of the most popular topics on Sarah's blog. Do you have a question for Sarah about your family member with autism or student with a disability? Have you wondered what is going on inside their minds or the reasoning behind certain behaviors? Perhaps Sarah can shed some light on the inner workings of a person with autism. Sarah is non-verbal and offers a unique perspective on autism. Please click here to message Sarah directly with your question!

Pleased to report from the inside world of autism. Thank you for visiting me here. -Sarah

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